Operation Pillar of Defence Revisited

Here is an excerpt from an article that I recently had published in Strife, a student-operated online magazine/blog out of Kings College London, which covers conflict in its many forms.

The outbreak of violence between Israeli and Hamas forces that erupted in mid-November 2012 and captivated spectators’ attention across the globe is now just a minor blip on the radar of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is amazing how short-term the media’s and the general public’s respective memories can be. Our attention spans are seemingly short, as even major events quickly fall into obscurity. In review, at the time of the latest spurt of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there was widespread speculation among political pundits that the Israeli campaign in Gaza, dubbed “Operation Pillar of Defence”, was fuelled by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s motivations to ensure victory in the forthcoming elections in January 2013. The elections have come and gone. The results are in. As such, it is worth revisiting November’s conflict in order to connect the dots, if any, between Pillar of Defence and the 2013 Israeli elections.

The remainder of the article can be found via the following link:



This is a photo of street graffiti that I took in Beirut in 2009, a couple of months after Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

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