Arabic, Tim Tebow, Revolutionary Anniversaries

First of all I would like to send my condolences to the state of Louisiana for that ass kicking they received by the Crimson Tide.  Time to Geaux back to the swamps I guess.

Also, apologies for my absence this month but since returning from Thailand I have been swimming in a sea of flashcards, al-Jazeera news clips, and obscenely biased Arabic articles as I have been preparing for an Arabic program entrance exam, which I took on Wednesday.  There are a lot of words to learn.  Following my test I got “Game of Thrones” on my Kindle and anyone who has embarked upon that magical quest knows how time consuming it can be.  Basically the blog took a back seat to my studies and now to the Seven Kingdoms and House of Stark.

Despite my studies I have been sure to keep up with the American sports world, a world that we should be so very thankful for.  Soccer 24/7 is a form of cruel and unusual punishment.  ESPN gametracker is what I have to settle for.  I have become quite dismayed to find out that according to ESPN, Tim Tebow is now America’s favorite athlete.  Pretty sad state of affairs.  His passer-rating is likely the equivalent of the last five “America’s favorite athletes” combined championships.  Thumbs up for the off-the-field stuff but this dude is not an NFL quarterback.  Sorry for the rant.

Things have been pretty quiet here in Cairo, which has suited my studying over the past few weeks and explains this pretty pointless blog entry.  However, the one-year anniversary of Egypt’s revolution is two days away and massive celebrations are planned throughout the country, as it has been named a national holiday.  Sounds like fun but it is likely that Egypt’s “interim”-ruling military council will try and defuse large gatherings and protests (which are surely to happen) by beating women with 2×4’s or throwing cinderblocks from rooftops onto peaceful demonstrators.  It’s their sense of logic.  In my opinion things will likely heat up here in Cairo once again so stay tuned and we will see what happens…


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