Temple of the Reclining Buddha

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays.  I’m envious of all of the football and basketball that is on TV at this time of year.

Nevertheless, as the weather is starting to get frigid in the States and violence has broken out once again in Cairo, I have been avoiding it all this Christmas by being Thailand.  Living the dream as they say.

I spent my first few days in Bangkok and while there I had the opportunity to visit Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.  This is more of a visual blog entry so I’ve included a lot of pictures.


Wat Pho, or วัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลารามราชวรมหาวิหาร for those who read Thai, was founded in 1791 and is home to over 1000 Buddha images, one of which is one of the largest Buddha images in the world.  The “Reclining Buddha” is 50 feet tall and 143 feet long.  It’s big.  Actually it’s pretty difficult to photograph because of its length.  Surrounding the lazy statue are 108 bronze bowls, which represent the 108 different auspicious characters of Buddha, and Buddhists drop coins into them, one by one, in an effort to garner good fortune and to provide alms to the temple.

Wat Pho is also considered to be the birthplace of the Thai massage, as students have been trained there in this massage technique over the centuries.  I’ve been getting a Thai massage every two days for ten bucks an hour.  It’s been a rough time thus far here in Thailand.

More blogs to come about my trip to Thailand…


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