Revolutionary Graffiti

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Since of the fall of Mubarak in February, some pretty cool revolutionary graffiti has cropped up throughout Cairo.  This is the best I have found so far.

Still tinkering with captioning.  I think I have it figured out now.  The third time will be the charm.

Pic1:  The mural highlights Facebook and Twitter which were important galvanizing tools during the revolution.  They continue to be now.  Pic2:  Facebook and Twitter breaking the shackles of Mubarak’s repression.  Pic3:  The puzzle pieces refer to the beginning of the revolution on January 25th.  Pic4:  Mummies come from Egypt.  Pic5:  The Arabic says “25 revolution of change”  The Roman letters are a transliteration of the Arabic word for “freedom”.  Pic6:  Says “January 25th”



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