A Peek into the Battleground

The Battleground

Due to this afternoon’s temporary ceasefire between the two side (perhaps ceasefire is not an apt term seeing that only one side is really doing the firing.  I’m not sure if throwing rocks and throwing back canisters of teargas really constitutes “firing”) I was able to get pretty close Shariaa (street) Mohammad Mahmoud.  Mohammad Mahmoud is where most of the violence between demonstrators and Egyptian security forces has been going down.  The street in the back at the end of the alley is Mohammad Mahmoud.

I tried to get close but was blocked by a human wall of men whom I think were Muslim Brothers.  After some negotiating they let me take the photo that you see here.  Note the Pizza Hut.  Globalization at its finest.  From the suburbs of New Jersey to the teargassed side streets of Cairo, Pizza Hut brings you its shitty pizza and delicious breadsticks.

According to several protesters that I have spoken with, the reasons that the fighting have been predominantly isolated to this street are twofold.  The first being that it leads to the the Ministry of the Interior which the Egyptian government believes to be the demonstrators’ target.  The second being that the street is extremely isolated, dark (at night), and there are few accessible places with a view of the street from above.  All this together means that it is very difficult for the media to get good coverage.  Tahrir on the other hand has several hostels with rooftop terraces so any violence would be shot live by CNN, Al-Jazeera, and the other big boys.  The Military Council is stupid but not that stupid.


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