Tahrir Square, Day Five of Violence

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Not sure how to put captions in the slideshow as of yet so I will explain the photos here. Pic1:  A man who took a rubber bullet to his eye. Pic2: An American-made teargas canister.  Pic3: FUCK the SCAF  Pic4:  A handful of the rubber bullets being shot at protesters.  Pic5:  A little guy clad in his teargas-protection gear.

Clashes between demonstrators and Egyptian police and military forces have now reached their fifth day with little sign of them letting up.  Rubber bullets and indiscriminate amounts of teargas are being used against protesters as they try and protect their base camp, Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square.

Eye-patch clad victims are commonplace throughout the square because of injuries sustained from the rubber bullets.

Rubber bullets aside, the tear gas remains to be the most devastating to the demonstrators.  Protesters are succumbing to physical reactions that are considered to be abnormal to standard teargas exposure, such as seizures.  Some colleagues and I caught a strong whiff of the teargas just outside of Tahrir.  It’s no joke and pretty disorienting.  As one can imagine your eyes tear up and burn and forces one to keep their eyes closed.  Street vendors selling various kinds of gas masks and eye protection are all over the square and its side streets.

Makeshift hospitals are scattered throughout the square and surrounding areas where doctors frantically try to treat the waves of patients that continually flow in.  My friends and I spend a far amount on medical supplies which we donated to the main field hospital in Tahrir.  The hospitals are calling for donations of medical supplies such as ibuprofen, syringes, and eye drops, to name a few.  They are also asking for people to donate blood at several blood bank locations.

From my conversations with several demonstrators within Tahrir, it doesn’t appear that the violence will end anytime soon.  They have no intentions of leaving and it doesn’t appear that the Egyptian police and military will backdown.  We can only hope that the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) will show some humility and acquiesce to the will of the people, that is, stepping done from power.

Only time will tell what day six at Tahrir has in store.  More to come…


One response to “Tahrir Square, Day Five of Violence

  1. Excellent! — its about time you launched this. The endless drone of our ethnocentric media is failing us with its naivete. Time for the world to wake up to the fact that Mubarak’s exit was not driven by a popular uprising — but rather, a swift military coup riding on the coat tails of Egypt’s newly discovered sense of ‘self-determination’. Time to dig in; this will hurt.

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