Entering the Blog Game

Hello all,

My name is Hayden Pirkle and I am 24-year-old journalist and student living in Cairo.  The fickle language that is Arabic has taken me to various places in the Middle East and has now brought me to Egypt.

As one can imagine, it is a very exciting time to be living in Cairo, with social and political change happening right in front of our eyes.  With this month’s upcoming elections the political scene in Egypt is likely to become even more convoluted and intense.

I have never blogged before but since I am in such an interesting place, at such an interesting time, i figured that now might be time to enter the world of blogging.  Although much of the content will be political in nature, I don’t want to pigeonhole myself in politics and turn this into a political blog.  I want the blog to be full of anything that I find interesting and think others will as well, be it social commentary, photos, anecdotes from the ridiculous events one can encounter in a city like Cairo, or stuff from my travels in and out the city.

It goes without saying that any of the views expressed in this blog do not reflect those of the online paper that I work for, Bikyamasr.com

Welcome to my blog and I hope everyone enjoys it.



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